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Licensing Our Technology

With our proprietary structure and methods,  our domestic patent and our pending additional US and international patent applications, GreenSpace Self-Storage is the only choice for self-storage developers who want to build multi-story facilities for $25 less per gross foot (compared to the national average for such construction) and promote environmental conservatism by minimizing their carbon footprint .

We love sharing our idea, our technology and our designs with other self-storage developers and our one-time licensing fee ensures that developers get to keep the vast majority of the construction cost savings without any future financial commitments.

When you choose GreenSpace Self-Storage, we will be committed to your project's successful completion.  We don't just take a fee and wish you the best - we have developed a detailed scope of services we provide all developers to ensure a successful project.  Some of our licensing scope is below:


  • We work with you to develop a site plan that maximizes NRSF using our proprietary designs
  • We provide you with a container stacking plan that accomodates your desired unit mix
  • We help you source containers so that you get favorable pricing
  • We help coordinate the logistics to getting your shipping containers to your site and ready for erection
  • We assist you in selecting qualified engineers, architects and general contractors
  • We provide you with our list of qualified contractors - those that have worked with us successfully
  • We are on-site during the container stacking process as an owner's representative
  • We provide support to you, your engineer or your contractor to ensure project success