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Patent Update


​Houston, Texas, April 19, 2019 -  GreenSpace Self-Storage, LLC received word from their intellectual property counsel, Stephen L. Levine,  Partner at Carrington Coleman Sloman & Blumenthal (CCS&B) that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will issue patent number 10,280,608 to the owners of GreenSpace Self-Storage on May 7, 2019.  This patent marks a culmination of efforts to protect the Company's proprietary designs which arrange shipping containers to build multi-story self-storage facilities.  

This patent application is one of several filed, both domestically and internationally, which incorporates a multitude of stacking designs and ancillary inventions from GreenSpace co-founders Rick Stockton and David Ledoux.

"We are pleased our invention has been officially recognized by the USPTO.  It has been a long journey to get to this point and it appears all of our efforts have now been rewarded," said Stockton.  He added, "It isn't often that inventors get to see their patented creations commercially realized and we are very fortunate to be included in that very exclusive group."

Ledoux stated, "This has been an exciting journey, and the good news is that it has just started.  We have long maintained the belief that our designs would become patents.  It is just so rewarding to have gone on this journey that started as a sketch on a cocktail napkin and is now patent 10,280,608!"

Ledoux and Stockton have engaged Mr. Levine as their intellectual property counsel since 2015 and continue to rely on his valued expertise as they guide their current and future inventions through the myriad of intellectual property validation.

GreenSpace's Pearland and Houston facilities are now open.  GreenSpace's next planned facilities will be located in White Marsh, Maryland, Houston, Texas and Portland, Oregon.  The White Marsh and Houston facilities are expected to break ground in 2019 while the Portland facility is expected to break ground in 2020.